August 27, 2011

turning 25 on the 25th

It has been one hectic week this past week.  Anyone need a cake?  This one is the 1st of 4 cakes we had to do this week.  Ordered by a gentlemen via email from an add posted at the Region of Peel bulletin board, (thanks to a dear friend who works there) he wanted a small cake to serve 4 people for his girlfriend who was turning 25 years old on the 25th of August....."a champagne birthday".  He specified that her favourite cake was red velvet with cream cheese butter cream filling.  She also likes purple & pink flowers.  So that's what we did, only thing is he never picked up the cake!!  We offered to deliver it to his work but he said he had running around to do after work and didn't want to leave the cake in the car, so we asked him to call us after his running around and we would gladly meet him to deliver the cake but no response, sooooo we ended up with a very pretty cake and no one to give it to.

Now how pretty is that. The flowers and hearts are made from gum paste and little pink sugar pearls were added as a boarder.  It's too bad that his girlfriend didn't get a chance to enjoy it.  He even specified what he wanted written on the cake,

Oh well.....Happy Birthday MJ who ever you are.  By the way the cake was yummy.

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