September 10, 2011

Thomas the Train

This is our 3rd installment of Thomas - he is quite the popular little train for the little ones. This cake was ordered by Cayden's mom courtesy of a posting by a good friend on the electronic bulletin board at work. The cake was picked up yesterday by Cayden's Mom & Dad for his birthday party today.  They were very excited about the cake when they saw it and said Cayden is going to love it.

The cake is chocolate and filled with cookies & cream, yum! All details on Thomas are made with fondant except for his face and the smoke which are made with gum paste.  Crushed cookie crumbs give the effect of dirt and the tracks are also made with gum paste.  Here's another angle of Thomas,

Hope your party is a great success and you enjoy your cake!

1 comment:

  1. Just received an email from Cayden's mom;

    "Hey Mary
    Sorry for the delay im just returning to work today and yes the cake was a great success however my son was a little mad when we had to cut it haha but the cake tasted amazing each kid all asked for a 2nd slice and some even a 3rd but everyone was amazed by the looks and taste

    Thanks Soo much,