May 20, 2012

Stained Glass Confirmation Cake

Don't you just love a challenge?! Well my sister in law Dona always has great design ideas so for Vincent's confirmation Dona sent us a picture of a stained glass window with a dove in the centre and asked if we could recreate it for Vincent's Confirmation cake. Mel thought I was crazy when I told Dona "yeah sure we can do it".  I took the picture Dona sent me and studied it and researched (don't you just love the web) edible stained glass.  It came clear to us that to achieve the stained glass look it was typically done with cookie dough and hard candy by rolling out a cookie and cutting out designs from the dough and then filling the empty design spots with pieces of different coloured candy and baking it as one. The candy melts and becomes the stained glass.  Clever idea, who ever thought of this. But we really didn't want to make a cookie so I came up with the idea of using piping gel. Here's a look at the start of the project;

Not bad, my idea was working. The piping gel tinted in the colours chosen when applied to the white fondant does appear to be like a stained glass.  Here's a picture of the topper at the almost finished stage;

It's all coloured in but needs some boarders between the glass to give it definition; here it is completed. The outlining was done with royal icing tinted gold and a little gold shimmer dust diluted with vodka.

We were quite pleased with how it turned out. But with a cake topper you need a cake.  We made a chocolate & vanilla 14x14" cake filled with white chocolate mousse.  The main colours Dona chose for the theme of the party were the red & orange and that's what we used to complete the cake.

The cake is covered in ivory fondant and the board was covered in a red/orange fondant. This actually emulated the invitation. The other design elements and the lettering were also done in the red/orange fondant except for the small doves which were made from gum paste. We propped up the stained glass topper with some fondant behind which I think looked better than it just lying flat on the cake.

Vincent who is not only my Nephew but also my Godson loved his cake as did Dona. She said she knew we would come up with something and was pleased with the results. We had a great time at the party celebration which was held at the Copper Creek Golf Club. Everything was excellent, I think I'm still full of the wonderful food served.

Congratulations Vincent on your Confirmation!
Lots of Love from your Aunt Mary and Cousin Melissa.

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