October 13, 2015

2 Milestones in 1 - 20th Sept 2015

These next 2 cakes were requested to help celebrate 2 momentous occasions. Narmeen contacted me to help her out with her parents 40th wedding anniversary cake and also her cousin's 30th birthday cake. She had specific ideas on both cakes.  The 40th anniversary was from a previous cake I had done which she liked with just a slight change.

The 2 tiered cake is done in vanilla cake with strawberry curd and white chocolate mousse filling. The bottom tier is covered in buttercream rosettes white the top tier is fondant with a blingy border (not edible).

The roses are made from gum paste and dusted with a deep red edible dust. The # 40 topper is also done in gum paste.

The 30th birthday cake was requested to be made to look like the gift the birthday boy was receiving from his parents.  A Mac book computer.  Though these Mac books are paper thin these days, the one I made had to be a tad thicker, lol, or you wouldn't have any cake.

The bottom part of the computer is the actual cake which was made in Shaad's favourite flavor, chocolate filled with a chocolate cream filling.  The top part of the computer, or screen, is cardboard covered in fondant and an actual screen shot I printed and added his name to.  The keyboard is also a print of an actual Mac keyboard.

The computer cake is surrounded by a few of Shaad's favourite items all made out of fondant.  A can of Coke Classic, his I-phone which also has a print of an actual I-phone, a TV remote and popcorn.


It was my first time make fondant popcorn, which proved to be fun but my hubby asked why I just didn't use real popcorn, it's edible....lol.....but that would take all the fun out of trying to make the fondant popcorn look as real as possible and have people guessing "is it real popcorn".

And of course we couldn't forget the Apple logo on the back of the screen which was made from fondant.

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