October 13, 2015

On the 27th of September a sweet little boy turned ONE! His name is Noah, and what better way to celebrate his birthday, a Noah's Arc cake.
I was contacted to make a Noah's Arc cake, now I've already have done this theme many times before but I was sent a picture of a cake which was designed by a very talented cake artist.  I don't know the cake designer's name but thank you for the inspiration for this cake.

This 2 1/2 tiered cake was done in vanilla and chocolate batters in a Zebra print on the inside and filled with vanilla cream. Unfortunately I did not obtain a picture of the cake once it was cut to reveal the zebra print but I did receive a nice thank you note from Noah's mom letting me know that the cake was a big success and everyone loved it.

I love making fondant animals, it's so much fun to see them come to life.  We have giraffes, monkeys,

Ducks and elephants

Lion and lioness

and we can't forget the whales on the board, and though it's hard to see I also added a couple of shark fins near the back

Happy 1st Birthday Noah!

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