October 6, 2015

August 2015 Cakes

After getting back from our fabulous 2 week vacation in Italy, it was back to work.  1st up was a cake for a friend of Mel's who had been working for her Dad's company and now was pursuing something new.  She requested a cake to say "Thank you" to everyone she worked with.  She sent a picture of a hard hat with company logo and asked if I could replicate it for her farewell, I was more than thrilled to do this for her. A chocolate cake filled with white chocolate mousse.


This next cake for Mia's 1st Birthday is none other than a Minnie Mouse cake and Minnie Mouse cupcakes requested by Mia's grandmother. Cake and cupcakes are vanilla cake with strawberry puree and vanilla mousse filling.

The next cake was done for a little neighbor of mine who was turning 9 at the end of August. Her mom asked if I could make her a cake with a Barbie theme in her favourite colours of pink and purple.  So why not make an actual Barbie doll cake.

The Barbie is dressed for a party in pink and white. Her dress is all chocolate vegan cake. Barbie is standing on a purple covered 8" chocolate vegan cake.


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