October 13, 2015

You are my Sunshine.......

So I'm asked to make this cake for a baby shower. My BFF's daughter in law's sister is expecting her 1st little bundle of joy.  The theme....."You are my Sunshine"......I thought the theme was such a cute idea until I couldn't get the song out of my head the whole time I was working on this cake, LOL.

It's obvious that the theme dictated the direction of this cake.  I had to make a big bright sun shining down on a little darling baby sleeping on a bed of clouds. All details are made from fondant with the exception of the baby which is made out of gum paste.

The 9x13" slab is lemon cake filled with lemon curd and white chocolate mousse.  I made this slab extra high with 2 layers of filling so I'd be able to decorate the sides of the cake with pretty flowers blooming in yellow, pink and blue.........

White fluffy clouds border the top edge of the cake

And of course "you are my sunshine......" to top it off


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